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How to use CarBrain C168 Scanner/How to install CarBrain C168

How to activate C168 scanner

Step 1 Send your ID code, serial number, model number to obd365 technician.
Step 2 We will send back you the newer ID code, SN and model number.
Step 3 You can activate by yourself.

Or you can check: How to Activation CarBrain C168 Scanner

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it be update?
A: It can be updated by Email. Update tips checkbelow:

Carbrain C168 Update Tip:

When you update your CarBrain C168, you will see the following picture:

Then you can click this button to update your device.

Q: Should I install it on win7 or win xp?
A: CarBrain C168 can be worked on Windows 7 operating system.

Q: Where can I get test cable, I have ruined mine?
A: If you need test cable, please check here: Main Test Cable for C168 Scanner

Q: Does this C168 support Spanish?
A: No, C168 does not support Spanish. It can only support English.

Q: Do I need to activate again when I change another computer?
A: Yes, you had to activate it again when change another computer.

How to Activation CarBrain C168 Scanner

How to activate CarBrain C168?

Firstly, you should offer our customer service the number as following:

ID Code: 2175900747

Serial number: CREN16811051111

Model number: C168EN

Secondly, our customer service will give those number to our technician, after the technician give us the activate number as following we will give them to you:




Thirdly, you can enter the activate number that we give to you into the following place:

Attention: CarBrain C168 needs to activate again if you change the computer to install or reinstall the computer system. Then you should give us your new number and then we will you the new activate number.